AWC is a global IT services and software solutions organization providing world class solutions to various customers. At AWC, we are driven by a simple yet powerful tenet of providing “TOTAL CUSTOMER SATISFACTION”.

Founded in 2006 was sure to make an impact on Oracle E-Business Solutions as the entity was built upon the principles developed on sheer Oracle E-Business service modules and skilled pool resources that can later be involved in various implementation projects.

Note from the Chairman

Praveen Maheshwari

CEO & Founder

Welcome, we at AWC software are driven by a simple yet powerful objectives – Quality of Service, value for money and trust.

In order to meet the ever-changing dynamics and complexities in day-to-day working of society, technology plays a vital role to simplify the work and bring more accuracy and speed in the process. With the evolution of technology, the organization faces the challenges of new evolving market, new competition and expectations. This has put organizations to re-register business practices and procedures to be more responsive to customers and competition. We’ve spent a lot of time recruiting and grooming our staff; we are developing new services, building industry specific frameworks and solutions and are expanding our global presence. All which we are doing will translate into better service, improved offerings, value-add and measurable ROI for our customers. Over a decade, AWC brings systematic approach approved by industry standards to help our clients anticipate, navigate and leverage change . We bring solutions keeping in mind the changing trends in technology and minimizing the cost and time to attain results for our customers. Our experience and expertise over technology has helped us to engrave our name and reputation with our huge clientele. Whatever the size of your company and whatever your IT service’s needs, we’ll make sure you receive the best service and maximum benefits by selecting us as your partner. As your partner, we will bring an open and honest communication, commitment to achieve results, a quality service, and a proven capability for success. We look forward to welcoming you as a part of our increased community of satisfied clients”.

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